My Brand Manifesto

aboutWhat is a brand manifesto?

We’re encouraged to define our mission, vision and values into 3 separate statements. That’s a problem; as they’re 3 similar but different statements, which rarely hang together.

My brand (or corporate) manifesto gives me the opportunity to share one clear statement of intent with you. Yes, it’s a bit longer but I can include more detail. This is my second brand manifesto; the first is at the bottom so you can see how it has changed and developed over time.  It details my guiding principles and goals for my work. So, here goes….

CoachSME Brand Manifesto

  • I’ll only help business owners, who want to be helped, to make more money, by solving problems rather than ignoring them.
  • My primary offering is to help you become a Grown-Up Business and to Fix The Problem.
  • I’ll only share information that I consider is ‘value-adding’. I focus on quality not quantity as well as the ‘less is more’ principle. Inappropriate or value-less communications wastes my time and yours.
  • I am a Thought Leader and Master Problem Solver who enables businesses find solutions through my
    • Books, including The Grown-Up Business
    • Training programs; seminars, presentations & workshops
    • Coaching, mentoring, and facilitation.
  • I value what I do and I only work with people who are prepared to pay for my expertise. I’ll give back to my community through my Young Entrepreneurs’ Bursary.
  • I’m focused on doing the very best for my paying clients; they deserve it, so requests for coffee, free advice or to pick my brains’ may be graciously declined.
  • I employ expert staff, out-sourcers and only work with strategic partners who “get” me and who add value to both me and my clients.
  • I’ll strive to be the highest quality business problem solver in Kent and I’ll do whatever it takes to ensure that the quality of service is unmatched anywhere.
  • I’m a coach, author, speaker, facilitator, mentor and trainer. And I get paid from my expertise not my time.
  • I help those that help themselves. I don’t waste my time pushing against a closed door and I don’t chase those running faster than me.
  • I’m only as good as my last presentation, book, or coaching, training or mentoring sessions. I concentrate on my personal development and thought leadership surrounding The Grown-Up Business and Fixing The Problem.
  • I strive for perfection but can accept that good is good enough.
  • I know that not everyone understands or ‘gets’ what I do and that’s fine.
  • I work with people and businesses that I want to work with, providing I can add value; if not I’ll find someone who can help them.
  • I’m a global thought leader, influencer and resource. I focus on one-to-many interactions. I do one-to-one work because I choose to.
  • Mediocre is not good enough and so I only recommend really great people.


CoachSME Brand Manifesto July 12

Sportsmen and women have coaches to help them to perform to the best of their ability. So why shouldn’t business owners and managers have one too?

I firmly believe that business coaching is all about improving and developing people and their businesses to achieve their goals; whatever they may be.

Owning and running a business can be a lonely place, however supportive your family might be. I believe that every business owner should have access to an expert business coach and business coaching to help them grow.

I know that chemistry is just as vital as is two–way trust and respect. Without these I will find you another coach to connect with.

Coaches are not consultants, we do not direct but we help you discover, define and do. I will

  • Improve your knowledge, skills, attitude and habits.
  • Help you to discover what you need to do
  • Support you in setting your goals and achieving them
  • Encourage you to commit to actions
  • Be supportive, non-judgemental and challenge you to do even better
  • Help you to develop your personal competencies and not a dependence on me

I will be a coach that is:

  • An inspiration
  • A sounding board
  • A boss
  • A confidante
  • A shoulder to cry on
  • A challenger

My business coaching ethos is all about:

  • Building confidence
  • Enhancing and improving skills
  • Enabling clarity
  • Better, informed decision making
  • Maintaining that focus on the end goal
  • Achieving a better future

Above all as a coach I will give you a return on your expectation and your investment.

What does your manifesto say about your business? If I can help you to become a Grown-Up Business give me a call 07885 197 364 .

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