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  • Clock showing Time : Save : Money

    Are you Paying Too Much?

    July 24th, 2012

    As a business owner there are so many things to keep under control that something normally gives. And, unless you were an accountant in a previous life, its probably your […]

  • Alfa Romeo Car

    I need a….

    July 20th, 2012

    Technology is great – my typing gets me by, but I miss some of the old-fashioned ways of doing things. So I thought you might enjoy my 15 ‘must haves’ […]

  • Old Fashioned Green Bus

    So You Have a Business Coach

    July 17th, 2012

    So you have a coach, do you… One of my new clients was at a seminar talking to some guests – when my client mentioned (quite quietly) that he had […]

  • person bungee jumping

    Just Do IT

    July 10th, 2012

    There comes a time when, whatever it is, you just have to do it. You might be dreading an exam, an interview, meeting the bank manager or making a person […]

  • 3 zebra in the wild

    Time to Walk Away?

    July 3rd, 2012

    A colleague of mine wanted some help and so asked me for a meet up.  We agreed venue, date and time and I even had an Outlook invitation from him […]