coach A coach isn’t a consultant; we don’t direct you or do it for you. Great coaches help you to discover, define and determine what needs to be done, so you can do it.

It’s my job to inspire you, be a sounding board, a boss, a confidant, a shoulder to cry on, but a challenger too. I’ll ask those individual, difficult but critical questions; the ones that plant a seed, that takes your thinking to another level.

As a highly experienced business coach and master problem solver, I work with both individuals (executive coaching) and high growth businesses in Kent, London and the South East, who want to make a serious step change. My coaching is available either face to face or via Skype – which ever you prefer.

Not sure if you need a business coach? Read Why We Have a Business Coach to see what one of my clients says about business coaching. Read the testimonials or listen to me talking about coaching and building a Grown-Up Business with Paul Andrews on Business Bunker

Grow your business – solve the problems – make more money and achieving your goals, whatever they are.

Fancy group coaching instead, then the The Grown-up Business Boardroom program is for you. 6, ½ day sessions on 6 key business areas with 6 non-competing business owners, because lots of business owners value the power of group learning and the benefits from a great peer to peer group. Give me a call to find the next available dates.