Grown-Up Business Boardroom

Group Business Coaching from CoachSMEThis is an intensive, challenging and stimulating program that’s not suitable for everyone.It’s designed for fast growing and ambitious business owners.

As one of six business owners in the boardroom, you’ll build trusting and respected relationships with fellow board members; sharing best practice, learning from each other as well as the ‘teacher’. You’ll be highly likely to continue meeting and supporting each other once the facilitated boardrooms are complete.

6 critical business subjects : 6 non-competing business owners : 6 sessions (18 hours) = £1067

These 6 session boardrooms have rolling starting dates on different days of the week so you’ll be able to find a day and time to fit your business schedule. Firstly, we tackle a business subject with a ‘talk and chalk’ session. Then we work hard to develop your own actions to implement as soon as you get back to work. Equally as important is the time to ‘bounce around’ ideas with your peers.

The Grown-Up Business Boardroom includes all training materials, workbooks, coffee, templates, checklists and, of course a copy of The Grown-Up Business book.

The 6 key business areas that need attention if you want to accelerate your growth are:

  1. Why solving problems will save you time and money – lots of it!
  2. Marketing – what are you offering? Products and the customer proposition
  3. Money, Money, Money
  4. Filling the Sales Funnel – those very valuable sales
  5. Management, People and Risks
  6. The End Game – your exit strategy, vision and single page plan

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