I train business owners & senior managers how to make more money. Once trained, they can take their new knowledge, implement it and train others too.

My training courses include:

  • Nine Essential Skills of Problem Solving
  • Kick Start Your Business Growth – Becoming a Grown-Up Business
  • Solving the Sales & Marketing Problem
  • Grown-Up Business Boardroom Program
  • Get Business Fit – How to Prepare Your Business Forecast

I deliver training to small groups; allowing time to learn, reflect and question. I take my work seriously, this isn’t an easy day! My courses are either, open to all or tailored specifically for a corporate client’s own employee groups.

Most of the workshops are one day courses with the exception of the Grown-Up Business Boardroom which is a series of 6 1/2 day workshops held over a 6 or 12 week period. This is what past alumni say about the program.