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Imagine your business with an ever-growing army of customers; they buy again and again whilst telling everyone how great you are?

Your skilled team are engaged and committed to following robust processes and procedures; delivering consistent products and services so that customers keep buying.

Suppliers are lining up to work with you. Competitors are never able to match your products, customer service or profitability.

A smooth, calm, problem free organisation that makes money even when you’re not there.

What are you waiting for…?

Ready to make the change that will transform your business?

If you're struggling to exploit new opportunities, getting ready to sell, expanding into new marketing, transitioning to the next generation or just want your life back, then get in touch and find out how we can help you.

Whether it's expert business coaching, problem solving, facilitation services, mentoring or business growth management then we can help. Curious? Call now it's free to find out.

We believe every business deserves expert business coaching and that's why everything we do is backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee. All inclusive monthly coaching fees start from £750.

Looking to grow your business but don't know where to start? CoachSME can help you do just that. We are a successful business coaching, mentoring and growth managements company in Kent.

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Are you finding that running a business isn’t what you thought it would be? Juggling 27 balls in the air and your reward is generally a 100 hour week, sleepless nights and a ‘what’s leftover’ income. Ready to invest in your future success?
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Read my book The Grown-Up Business and get access to my free e-books including Everything You Need to Know About Hiring a Business Coach.
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Our unique process for running a super successful and highly profitable business explained.
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Order our exclusive workbook and start creating a business plan that really works. New workshops and online course dates too.
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Success Stories


I was at the end of my tether…….. Now I have a life and a super profitable business!
eyelash-excellence-success-story-coachSMEContinue reading...


My business had hit a few bumps in the road and without Shirley's help I'd still be bouncing off course...
zc-social-media-success-story-coachSMEContinue reading...


Shirley had a big impact on our early growth stage and the lessons learned have been replicated year on year.
blue-chyp-success-story-coachSMEContinue reading...

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Tips for Business Owners

Everything You Wanted to Know About Hiring a Business Coach

This publication is designed to answer all the questions you have about hiring a business coach. If I have missed one, do let me know so I can update this article for the next readers benefit.
The guide covers why business coaching, how to find the best person to help you, what happens next and how much will it cost.

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7 Reasons Why Prospects Buy from Your Competitors

Building a steady pipeline of prospects who have already made up their mind they want to buy from you can be a reality. When that happens, you spend time working with very hot prospects who already feel like they know, like and trust you! Learn 7 ways to make sure the right prospects for your business, buy from you. Let’s start building you a pipeline of super-hot prospects ready to buy from you.

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The Ultimate Guide to Marginal Gains and 1% Principle

Change in all its forms has fascinated me for years but it’s the principles surrounding marginal gains that has my special attention. In this Ultimate Success Guide to Marginal Gains, I’ve collated the very best observations, comments, thought leadership, examples and education I’ve been able to find for you. This guide includes everything to convince you, that marginal gains are the right strategy for your business.

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7 Easy Steps to a Brilliant Business Plan

Successful businesses plan and then they make planning a regular part of what they do - no different to invoicing, checking the bank and talking to customers.

Kick start your planning with 7 Easy Steps to a Business Plan that Works, completely FREE of charge from your business planning partners at Business Planning in a Box. Just enter your details below and we'll do the rest!

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Ready to make the change that will transform your business?

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“If you run a business, then buy this book. Not tomorrow, today!”
~ Sam Carpenter Work The System

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