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3 Pieces of Paper ™

When you own a business, you need to understand three things very well:

1. where you are going and why
2. the money and the numbers and
3. what must happen and when.

Without an understanding of these three things your business is unlikely to achieve its potential.

Whether your business is a lifestyle, part time or hobby business, whether you are a solopreneur, self-employed or a partnership you must manage and run the business.


As a limited company there are legal requirements on you as the director to know your business and run it as a going concern.

We have a straight-forward, easy to use system to understand these three things and help you make the right decisions going forward.

Whatever size or stage your business is, knowing these three things will keep you and your team on track. We call it 3 Pieces of Paper, because everything you need is captured on 3 Pieces of Paper™.

Ready to make an investment and get your business under control? Here are 4 ways we can help.

Shirley Mansfield
Master Business Problem Solver

When you’re ready here are three ways I can help you build your business:

1. Follow me on Twitter / LinkedIn and let me know the business challenges keeping you awake at night that you want to solve. Click here to email. Connect with me, The Business Planning Coach on Facebook and Instagram

I host the Small Business Clinic on Clubhouse every Tuesday & Thursday at 8am. Drop in and ask me & my panel of experts a question.

2. Grab a copy of my book The Grown-Up Business (paperback and Kindle). Get the tools and inspiration you need to go to the next level of wealth.

3. Work with me on your growth business to overcome the blockages, hurdles & problems that are holding you back. Join the community, email me with Let’s Get Started in the subject line or book a 30 Discovery Meeting using Calendly


“If you run a business, then buy this book. Not tomorrow, today!”
~ Sam Carpenter Work The System

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