About Me

As a Kent-based business coach, board facilitator, trainer, mentor and author, I have worked with over 120 diverse companies. These companies have achieved significant profit growth, turnover growth, new jobs (over 300 full time roles have been created) improved efficiencies, great customer acquisition and retention, new export markets and new product launches, and several companies to sell their businesses.

Business Coaching

One of the reasons for my success as a business coach is the life experience and acumen I have acquired during my extensive career history. Not only that, but my own personal attributes also make me a perfect fit for business coaching – I’m a brilliant trouble-shooter, offering innovative advice and creative thinking or even a friendly ear if required!

In the past, I’ve helped clients successfully start up, while for others I’ve helped turnaround their ‘stressed’ businesses into profitable companies. I’ve also coached others, stuck in a rut, to get their businesses moving again and growing fast. This is what my clients say about me

So how do I do it? My experience and expert eye mean I have the skills to overcome and solve some of the major business problems. My job is to see your business inside and out, warts and all. But, most importantly, my job is also to show you what your business has the potential to be. It’s my aim to understand what’s really happening within your company, the industry and the market. With a better understanding of the market, customers and competition, I can work out where you are great and where you’re failing.

My business passions are always focussed on the product, the customer and the proposition – if you have these I truly believe that every other problem can be solved. Just like with golf (another passion of mine) there is always a choice about how you reach your end goal. Whether it’s the club you use or the way you play your shot, a poor choice can put you in places you would rather not be – going out of business and driving balls into the rough. With expert coaching, I can keep you playing the game.