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Are You Constantly Curious?

Last updated April 20, 2015

You should be. Without our curiosity we never learn and a life (or a business) without learning is, well, just dull.

I’m constantly curious about my clients, their industries, how someone does something, new technology, different ideas…. The list is endless.

Do you remember the ‘but why’ questions we asked as children to learn more and more? Time to whizz back to our childhood and start asking but why questions. Working with new clients always gives me the great opportunity to ask ‘but why’?

So lift you head from your desk; go and find out about something new. Read something new. Talk to other business owners; find out what is helping or hindering them. Think about a few different questions to ask your network. Engage in conversation with customers; what do they want, why and how? And what can your suppliers open your eyes too? Ask yourself if I was my own ‘customer’ what would I like and want more of and what don’t I like?

What are the emerging trends in your industry and the wider world? Do they present an opportunity or a threat to you? Can you make what you make simpler, easier and quicker?

And along-side ‘but why’ add ‘so what’ or ‘what if’ questions – remain constantly curious, you’ll be amazed.

Shirley Mansfield
Master Business Problem Solver

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