supportI’m often asked what’s the difference between a business coach and mentor? In many respects they’re very similar; they both focus on improvement in the business or the person. The difference is in how the solution is delivered and by whom.

Mentors have been there and got the T-shirt! They’ve experienced exactly what you’re facing. For example, if you’re selling a business then engaging a mentor who’s been through the process would be very beneficial.

Great mentors, teach and guide you through the process; it’s all about sharing past experiences so you can learn. When I’m mentoring I’m sharing my past insights, experiences, expertise and knowledge – I’ve been there, done it and collected lots of T-shirts!

So, I mentor on the following areas

  • Running an SME
  • Developing and building a team
  • Problem solving to make more money
  • Female career women looking for their next move

If you’d like a no-obligation chat then give me a call on 07885 197 364.