Business Coaching via Skype

findAll the benefits of expert business coaching without the traveling! Traveling just takes so long these days – losing everyone valuable productive time. So now that the technology is robust enough we have developed a successful formula for 1 hour high energy business coaching sessions via Skype.

Whether it is strategy planning, a problem you are struggling to solve, a difficult decision to make, lack of funding, not enough sales, pulling together a project, expansion; in fact just about anything! We can then work these through in just the same way as we would face to face.

With traveling costs and time saved, these focused Skype coaching sessions will prove a very cost effective way of accessing business coaching services. It’s also much easier to find a time that suits you as I can also offer some out of hours coaching slots using Skype.

My Skype address is coachsme, so let’s link up and get your business growing. Not sure if Skype coaching is right for you? Try it for free and see.

Book your first Skype coaching sessions now – call 07885 197 364.