Business Coaching

supportAt CoachSME we believe that every client is individual and deserves the very best tailored business coaching to help them achieve their goals, whatever they are!

Who would benefit from 1 to 1 business coaching?

We have coached all sorts of businesses’ from start-ups to ‘stressed businesses’ needing turnaround help, companies transitioning from first to second generation, or getting ready for sale, stagnant businesses, drifting businesses as well as successful businesses who want to do even better.

So the business owner or owners; MDs & CEOs; board directors & NEDs, Families and corporate management teams will all benefit from business coaching

How long does it take?

From experience 4-6 sessions will get you back on track and firing on all cylinders. Many clients continue to work with us as they find it extremely useful to maintain the sounding board, challenge, action focus and external views that a coach brings. Running a business can be a lonely place – and you don’t always know if you are making the right decision without being able to talk it through.

Sounds easy?

Don’t be fooled. You’ll need to work hard even once you have a plan. The good news is that I’ll be there to help you to deliver your objectives. And the benefits are not just limited to one-to-one coaching and my expert advice, but, helping you to find the right people too. Often, finding ‘trusted’ suppliers can be time consuming and risky, let alone expensive in both time and money if it goes wrong. As a highly networked business coach, I can also make sure you know about the best suppliers and service providers in the business, so you can concentrate on the more important stuff.

I’ll also set you achievable goals and make sure you achieve them: I’ll be the boss’s boss if you like, a shoulder to cry on and the ultimate task master – in short, I’ll be there to support you every step of the way.

What next?

First we need to meet and look each other in the eye and ask ourselves if we can work together. Then following that ‘chemistry’ meeting we will design a tailor-made coaching package with you to achieve your objectives. It will be action orientated and heavily focussed on breaking down the barriers to your growth. Take your first step to growing your business and call me to arrange your free 1 hour session and discover how I can help you achieve your goals; whatever they are.

Prefer group business coaching?

We have one of those too! It’s 6 group business coaching sessions, over 6 weeks covering 6 critical business subjects with 6 other business owners. So if you have 5 fellow business owners in a ready-made group, then call me and your place will be free of charge.