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Business Success It's All About Confidence

Last updated January 30, 2013
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Running a successful growing business is all about confidence. From the confidence that you have in yourself, to having the confidence of your investors, advisers and suppliers through to consumer and market confidence; there is no doubt that success revolves around confidence.

You only have to look at ‘successful’ people in all different walks of life to understand that confidence is such a strong attribute to have and how confidence has really contributed to their success.

On the flip side, think back to all of the people you have met, who really suffer with low self-esteem and have little self-confidence. Life always seems to deal with them the losing hand. Their life is full of doubt, regret and worry - a glass half empty rather than a glass half full.

“You wouldn’t worry so much about what others think of you, if you realised how seldom they do!” Eleanor Roosevelt

Whether you are deciding to start your own business, applying for a new job, growing your business or deciding to trek to the North Pole, these all require you to have the confidence to start, and then finish, the journey. Yes, you need a bit of luck too, but this luck is far outweighed by courage, focus, commitment and a large dose of confidence that is needed to succeed.

Wouldn’t you rather wake up in the morning feeling unstoppable rather than feeling frozen with fear?

But where does confidence come from?  Many of us are born with it, just as many of us will learn how to be confident; but sadly some people just never get to feel confident at all.

Whole industries have sprung into life on the back of teaching people confidence or to be more confident. The vast majority of these courses, books, videos and seminars are focused on building personal confidence and after all, that is where we must all start to learn.

You can’t expect to be ‘business confident’ if you suffer from a lack of personal confidence.

So, what is confidence? It's about understanding;

  • your own world,
  • your strengths and weaknesses
  • what opportunities and threats are out there
  • what options you have and
  • what decisions you can make.

And business confidence is no different – it’s the mixture of the list above when considered against your business rather than your personal life.  With a much better understanding of your personal and business world, decision making becomes so much easier – the fear diminishes, the worry dissolves and the doubt disappears.

You can read my e-book (click the link)  Business Success, It's All About Confidence.

Shirley Mansfield
Master Business Problem Solver

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~ Sam Carpenter Work The System

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