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Essential Skills of Problem Solving

Last updated July 2, 2013

9 Essential Skills of Problem Solving

Right, here it comes... We are really bad at solving problems, aren’t we? Because if we were any good at it we wouldn't still be solving the same problems that we had last week, last month or last year.

Working with businesses I see this all the time, the problem gets put in the too difficult pile, it gets ignored, and the old head in the sand trick; but it rarely goes away. More often than not it just grows into one great big, sometimes a catastrophic problem.

I find that those companies that can solve the problems one by one, and I mean, really solve the problem, are the businesses that make more money, grow quicker and more sustainability and everyone working there enjoys their jobs and their life far more than most.

So what's the difference between the companies that solve their problems and those that don’t or can’t? In the main the great companies have mastered The 9 Essential Problem Solving skills. There are nine essential skills of problem solving and they are:

Assess                               Decide                                        Execute



Uncover the facts




Make a Plan

Who does what and when




Finish It



What’s the real problem?




Make a Decision

Choose the best one




Tough it out



Something’s wrong




 Be A Stranger

Step back, see more




Its starts with you


Business owners and companies need help to develop the problem solving skills that are such a critical part of running a growing and successful business. That is why I have developed these Nine Essential Skills of Problem Solving and you can download my new white paper and to learn more.

Shirley Mansfield
Master Business Problem Solver

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