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How to Write Marketing Messages

Last updated November 6, 2012
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Making your Marketing Messages Really Effective

You have your business (or an idea for starting a business) in place but how do you let your potential customers know what you offer, sell and stand for? You need to develop strong, exciting, enticing and effective marketing messages to help you make sales.

You need marketing messages, to be able to market to your prospects otherwise what would you say. But, many of my clients find that developing these marketing messages is really hard. Why? Normally because they are so focused on the product/service attributes rather than what the customer wants and needs and the benefits they will gain.

So, here are 8 tips to help you with that dilemma and create some great messages that attract new customers.

1. Ask your customers what they like about you and convert their answers into  several strong marketing messages. If they don’t like you then use this feedback to improve your business first!

2. List out all of the problems that clients have and how you can solve them.

3. Write a brand manifesto. Not sure how to do this then check out my blog about brand manifesto’s.

4. Get your staff involved, ask them to help you develop the marketing messages.

5. Review your complaints log - what can you improve on?

6. Think what customers would type into a Google search? They are usually trying to solve a problem, for example, how to ....., or find a ‘hotel in London’, or I need a new ‘washing machine’.

7. What events trigger a customer’s purchase? For example moving house, a change of job, Christmas, a new baby, end of British summertime etc.

8. What is it that customers want? For example, a new eco-friendly washing washer-dryer that fits under my kitchen worktop and is delivered on a Saturday morning and fitted to me too! So, can you solve the customers’ problem?

1. Eco-friendly washer dryer in stock?

2. Variety of sizes

3. Saturday morning delivery

4. A fitting service

If you can, then make sure that people know that you can!

Once you have answered all of the above questions you will have a series of comments, quotes, attributes etc. that can all be turned into well thought out, targeted and effective marketing messages.

Finally if all else fails, try writing a list of all the things you could do that would annoy your customers then ‘flip them upside-down’ to get to the solutions. For example, what would happen if we didn't answer the phone? Flip it to a possible solution which could be a 24-hour helpline answered promptly.

Good luck, remember solving customers problems sells!

Shirley Mansfield
Master Business Problem Solver

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