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Just Do It

Last updated July 10, 2012
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There comes a time when, whatever it is, you just have to do it. You might be dreading an exam, an interview, meeting the bank manager or making a person redundant, but at some point you just have to JUFDI - just you flipping do it!

Nike, one the worlds best known brands has the tag line 'Just Do It': all focused on sport but the point is well made just do the sport, the exercise, the game etc...

Working with a number of start-ups, I find that I have to put child reins on some, but equally with the others it's a kick up the backside to Just Do It - As Shaa Wasmund says StopTalking, Start Doing .

Everyone wants a business plan, cash flow, research, info, data etc. to help make sure everything is covered but at some point you have to have faith in your plan and put it into practice with some activity! By all means continue to plan but do get on with it!

I met a new start-up recently who had been working on a business idea for several years. He had done so much planning that he had lost sight of the original idea - and it was a good one! However, with so much planning did he miss the boat in terms of the business opportunity? What he did recognise was that he needed some help to get back on track, but would that action prove to have been too late?

There was nothing wrong with his plans or ideas but the problem was that he never got started on any actions and in the end he lost the chance of first mover advantage. Even so, all is not lost, the goal can now be 'if you can't be first, be the best!' What he does have now is a focused action plan, clear timeline, resource plan that will keep him on track to drive the development through to completition.

The keys to moving forward are:

1. Re-establish the goal and sense check - is it SMART

2. What is the end game - a date, an event, an opening a launch etc. set that in stone.

3. Work back from the end date and set mid project milestones - check points to allow you to adjust strategy, and, if necessary pull the plug on teh project.

4. Confirm budgets, assess risks, and mitigate and above all set yourself check points where you can make the decision to proceed or withdraw.

5. What specific actions do you need to do and in what order - this can be as simple as a list , entries on your calendar or a fully fledged Gantt chart!

6. Finally, Just Do It!

This all helps with the longer planning timetable but you also need a 'Just Do It' focus every day, otherwise deadlines will slip or you end up having to work 24/7 to catch up.

Try this and see if it works for you...

Before you leave the office/workplace tonight, jot down 2 or 3 things that you must achieve tomorrow. When you come in in the morning, focus on these 2 or 3 tasks and get them done! If you struggle in the morning worrying about emails etc. don't! Turn off your alerts, turn off the phone and concentrate on achieving something that will move your business forward.

What are your tips to stop you procrastinating?

Shirley Mansfield
Master Business Problem Solver

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