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Shhh Don’t Tell Anyone, They Won’t Notice

Last updated December 10, 2015
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Oh but they do….. and when (not if) you’re found out it’s going to be expensive, very expensive!

Morals, values and ethics are a strong, and serious element of your brand and the business it generates. You’ve heard the phrase “It takes years to build a reputation and minutes to destroy it”. Don’t just consider the words you use (the downfall of Ratner) but think about your actions as well.

Actions speak louder than words so, be careful what you do as well as what you say.

Actions can include the cover up approach; “let’s not say anything, they won’t notice.” Worst still is the “tell them what they want to hear, not what is actually going on” approach.

We all know it’s going to end in disaster, but why do so many companies feel that is an acceptable way to behave? It’s not, not on any level.

Knowingly supplying a substandard product or service to your clients is going to be bad for business. You’ve lit the fuse wire to self-destruction.

Let me be clear – this is very different to making a mistake. Mistakes can be corrected, solved or rectified. Errors corrected and in some cases you can even wow your clients by putting right something that had gone wrong. But, knowingly ‘trying to get away’ with substandard anything is just not right; legally, morally or ethically.

As the boss, you set the standards for the way your business operates. If you want to survive, thrive and grow your company and its great reputation, then make sure that you set the right morals, ethics and values within which your team operate and police them, constantly.

Lead by example, always.

Shirley Mansfield
Master Business Problem Solver

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