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So You Have a Business Coach

Last updated July 17, 2012
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One of my new clients was at a seminar talking to some guests – when my client mentioned (quite quietly) that he had just started working with a business coach and in that split second wished he hadn’t! He thought that they would think badly of him. But to his surprise and relief they said “business coaches are great aren’t they – I’ve had one for a while and what a positive effect he has had on my business.” I’m not sure how the conversation continued but my client was thrilled to know that others had had a great experience.

In sport, coaches are the norm. Many of the top golfers have several; a putting coach, a swing coach, a performance coach and a caddy to coach them during the round! They all recognise that to get to the top and to stay at the top of their game they need help. And it’s not seen as a weakness, but as a strength.

How many times do we see the change of coach or manager quickly having a major impact on the sports-persons performance. We can still hope that Andy Murray has finally found the right coach to get him to a slam - perhaps Wimbledon next year!

Whenever we decide to take up something new we look for someone that can teach and guide us, to help us learn how to do the new thing in the best way, to achieve a result. Whether it is piano lessons, learning to fly or swim or to speak French, we all need someone to help us. So, why isn’t it always viewed in the same way in the workplace?

In business there are so many things going on that a business owner may need someone to keep them focused on the end goal, achieving an objective or helping them solve a tricky problem. Yes your internal team can help and so might your external contacts but perhaps a business coach is also a solution?

Coaches bring expertise with them, but they also have a great ability to unlock their clients hidden skills, to boost their confidence and up-skill them as well. Another client had been dealing with a tricky supplier and we had put a plan together. It meant that my client had to be bold! He was, and the results were great. He told me afterwards that without my coaching he wouldn’t have had the confidence to solve the problem. Success comes in all sorts of ways.

If you are feeling that you are under-performing, not sure what to do next, then perhaps an exploratory meeting with a business coach could help you.

Shirley Mansfield
Master Business Problem Solver

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