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Zoe's Story

“I’d originally met Shirley years ago as I was a regular on the speaking circuit at key Kent events such as Kent 2020. We’d always talked about business, life and all its challenges. We knew several people in common. but that was as far as it went back then.

“Then last year Shirley reached out to me to see if I had any clients that would benefit from a new coaching program called Innovate to Succeed. That email landed at exactly the right moment for me.

“My business had hit a few bumps in the road; my focus had drifted, my confidence dented, and it had left me wondering where my business was going to go next.

“We met up and instantly hit it off. I was impressed by Shirley’s ability to get to the nub of the problem even though I was determined not to share too much with her at our first meeting! When the meeting was finished, I reflected and knew that Shirley would certainly be an excellent coach to help me get back on track and take me forward. I had not had my own business coach before, but I’d had a few mentors that have helped me to grow my business to this point.

“I now needed somebody that could work with me, one on one and enable my business to match my personal profile out on a global platform. Now it was time for me to invest in me.

“We started working together and ever since that first meeting my focus has returned, my confidence grows, and my business has taken a major step forward. It wasn’t easy, there were tears, tantrums, periods of self-doubt, worry and just feeling overwhelmed. But Shirley was by my side all of the way keeping my focus on the end goal and helping me with lots of tactics so we could keep working through and solve all of the issues and problems that had arisen in the past.

“We’ve refocused the business; now it’s quite natural for the business to think globally instead of restricting ourselves to Kent & the South East.

“Today, we’ve a clear plan to bring new products to our market. The biggest change being the huge potential presented by Social Media in a Box. Already this has enabled the business to generate significant increases in revenue on a recurring basis. And our business can now satisfy global demands through our online products from the Social Media in a Box portfolio.

“Despite being a social media agency, we also understood the importance of having a physical product to suit our very clear target market. As I write this our first affiliate deal for our Social Media in a Box is working its way around the world.

“Without Shirley’s help I wouldn’t be this focussed, driven and determined to ensure that ‘going global’ becomes the new normal for our business.

“Having completed the Innovate to Succeed program, I continue to seek Shirley’s counsel and work with her to ensure that our focus remains clear and strong. She’s also helped me to confidently grab profitable opportunities when they arise and build a portfolio of resources that are constantly in demand.”

Zoe Cairns, Founder and CEO of ZC Social Media Ltd


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