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The Greatest Time Saver

Last updated January 6, 2021
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Get a business plan! Save time, money and effort

The greatest time saver, money maker and effort reducer in any business is a business plan.

Let me say that again.

“The greatest time saver, money maker and effort reducer in any business is a business plan.”

Huh you might say, I don't need a plan, I know what we’re doing…..

If you want your business to succeed and bring you the riches you want, then you need a plan. And the longer you procrastinate, the longer it will take to achieve your dreams, if ever….

I sense you still don’t believe….

Okay, let me answer all your objections and see if I can change your mind…….

It's too difficult....

Okay if you are raising finance or selling equity then you’ll be writing a very detailed plan. But you just need 3 Pieces of Paper with few words and numbers for your plan.

I don't need one....

Perhaps not but we know that 4 out 5 businesses fail within the first 5 years and of those only a third had a plan. Do you want to take that risk?

It's all in my head I know what needs to be done...

Yes, you do but do you team know exactly what the plans are when they’re stuck in your head? They’re not real until you write them down then they can be followed by your team.

Actually I don't know how to do a business plan...

That’s easily solved too. Download my free guide 7 Easy Steps to a Brilliant Business Plan There are lots of blogs and articles on my blog page – click on ‘Business Planning’ to get all my blogs on that topic.

That's just for big businesses I'm only a little business...

Without a plan how will you know exactly what to do and when you have succeeded? And if something difficult happens you will know what to do – that’s why big successful businesses have plans – they assess risks too!

I don't need to raise money....

But you might and an short form 3 page business plan is a fantastic place to start your funding search.

I don't have time...

You can’t afford to waste time not having a plan! I know you can write the top-level plan in 5 short sentences. That’s a great place to start.

Changed your mind?

Shirley Mansfield
Master Business Problem Solver

When you’re ready here are three ways I can help you build your business:

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2. Grab a copy of my book The Grown-Up Business (paperback and Kindle). Get the tools and inspiration you need to go to the next level of wealth.

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“If you run a business, then buy this book. Not tomorrow, today!”
~ Sam Carpenter Work The System

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