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Things I've Learnt From Writing

Last updated March 25, 2014

At school I found maths really easy, but writing was a bit tricky. By the time I completed school I believed that writing wasn't my thing.

Then I found myself working in marketing and although number work is important, the words I had to write were really important. I became a communicator to a huge variety of audiences; customers, staff, stakeholders, our board & shareholders, suppliers and of course the wider market.

I became a communicator through lots of different mediums. Whether it was writing reports or internal communications; copy for brochures and websites; constructing letters & messages to customers; preparing presentations, videos or podcasts they all started with a good string of words.

Now as I pen the final chapters of my book; The Grown-Up Business, I can once again reflect on what I've learnt.

  1. I can do words and I am able to turn them into pictures for my audience. I can tell a story.
  2. I can communicate with people through different mediums based on the words that I'm using
  3. I've learned not to use too many fluffy words. At least 10% of my original writing can be deleted and that improves my work!
  4. Planning time is vital. The time taken to structure my pieces, or the book chapters makes the writing easier.
  5. Thinking time, especially clear head time, helps me to get my thoughts organised, to harness my inspiration and to let the writing flow.
  6. Observing life, business and people inspire me. Quite often the phrase or comment triggers a blog.
  7. Pen and paper are king when I write. They are the original first computer!
  8. The first two minutes is key. Once I get started it's easy. Sometimes getting started is the tough part, so I don’t force the writing but try let it flow when I’m ready.
  9. I know that when I finish writing my brain keeps working; my subconscious. It continues to give me ideas and thoughts and direction even though I'm not directly thinking about my writing.
  10. Capturing ideas as they pop into my head is sometimes quite comical! Occasionally I shout hold that thought; stop a conversation will quickly find a piece of paper to write my thought down. I often send myself a text or a voicemail if I can’t find a pen! My notebook is full of one-liners that become blogs or articles.
  11. The more I write the better I become, just like Gary Player said about his golf "the more I practice the luckier I get".
  12. A proof reader and editor is worth their weight in gold!

If you didn't think you can write, why not try it? I’m sure you'll find out that you can!

Shirley Mansfield
Master Business Problem Solver

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~ Sam Carpenter Work The System

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