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What is Your Starting Point?

Last updated November 18, 2020

The first step towards a great future plan is to fully understand where you are now.
Fixing the starting point is important. Setting the baseline numbers means you can measure your progress and you'll better understand the impact if you adjust your strategy when your trajectory changes. Looking at your numbers, KPIs and business performance now is important to understand money and finances, but you need to understand a lot more.
Many business owners jump straight into the future when planning. But then you overlook the current position; all that is good or bad or in between. 
Here is my process to get a clear view of your current business position. 

  • Understand what your business looks like on the inside: your products, pricing, margins, profits, resources, capacity, staffing, clients, operations etc?
  • What are the three things that are keeping you and your senior management team awake at night?
  • What is happening in the world around you? It’s rather topsy-turvy at the moment but nevertheless it is important to look out and identify the positives, negatives, risks and opportunities. Whilst COVID-19 has had a detrimental effect on many businesses there's an equal number who have seen business soar.
  • Are you really clear about your avatars? What do they want, what do they need and what are you supplying? 
  • Jack Ma (Alibaba) famously said "Forget your competitors just focus on your customers".  My preference is to be aware of businesses and organisations that are competing for my prospects' purse or my customers' wallet.
  • How do you feel? What does your current position; work, home, money, relationships, and life, look like? Are you happy?

Now, you are ready to make a start....

Good luck, let me know how you get on.

Shirley Mansfield
Master Business Problem Solver

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