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What's the Point of a Business Plan

Last updated August 11, 2020

I know you are resisting writing a business plan.

I know you don’t think you need one but you do if you really want to achieve whatever your dream is.

I’d love to go to New Zealand, but I can’t just turn up at Heathrow airport at any time and expect to find an empty seat going to Wellington. Neither can I hope to trip over a lovely hotel or a hire car unless I do some serious planning before, I go.

If you understand how pre-planning leads to fantastic holidays, then you’ll understand why business planning is so important to success.

Here's our 12 reasons why a business plan is the best thing that you can do for your business.

  1. Get everything out of your head on to paper. Now you can arrange your thoughts into actions to get you closer to the end goal.
  2. Write it down. It's more likely to happen then. Now its real.
  3. It makes you plan your business. The business planning process is the really important part of any business plan. Remember planning your trip…..
  4. Once you have a realistic plan you can overlay the unexpected; the optimistic and pessimistic versions.
  5. A business plan keeps you focused on the prize.
  6. Everyone has personal goals and as a business owner you need to align with your business goals if you have any chance to succeed.
  7. Everyone in your team knows exactly what you’re trying to achieve, how, and when. They will better understand their role.
  8. You’ll soon find out if your partners want the same as you.
  9. If you have a start and endpoint, you can track performance, learning as you go.
  10. You’ll see if you hit your goals.
  11. You’ll uncover threats and opportunities alongside your strengths and weaknesses, problems, issues gaps, duplication, etc.
  12. You’ll understand even more about your business so if the unexpected hits you’ll know what to do……

So is now a great time to start your plan…..?

Shirley Mansfield
Master Business Problem Solver

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