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December 17, 2013
Time is your most valuable asset

I don’t have time! How many time have you said that phrase – too many times, but it’s so easy to say – a great excuse for not doing. We are all guilty of the ‘I’m too busy’ syndrome. Businesses are fixated about losing money but in most cases it is lost time that is […]

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December 10, 2013
Reflect on this year’s performance and plan the numbers for next year

Numbers never seem as important as they do at this time of year. You might be frantically tracking and checking your numbers to make sure that you focus on the right things that are going to ensure that your hit your year-end target.

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December 3, 2013
24 Business Questions to Ask before Year End

December has arrived. It’s less than 31 days until 2014, but are you ready?. Have you thought about what you want to happen next 365 days?
Its a good time to start thinking so here is just one question for you to answer for every day of Advent?

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November 26, 2013
Plan it on Paper

How do you prepare your business plans? If you are working in a group then I'm sure that flipcharts, Blu-tack, whiteboards and Post it notes play a big part in your business planning process. I can't imagine a group planning session where the computer is the centre of attention!

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November 19, 2013
Forget permanent, think flexible recruitment

One challenge that faces all growing businesses is when is the best time to add more staff to your team? Who do you need first and who can you wait for? How will you find the right person and can you afford to hire them or afford not to hire them? This dilemma is particularly […]

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November 12, 2013
It’s Time to Have that Difficult Conversation

Why is it, that having ‘the difficult conversation” is so hard? Do you remember the person at work with BO – and how long was it because no-one would broach the subject of soap?

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November 5, 2013
2 Ears, 1 Mouth

Why were we given 2 ears and one mouth? Because, we should listen twice as much as we talk. 
What about you? Do you have the right proportions; all the time, some of the time and never in a sales presentation?

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October 29, 2013
What we can learn from Grangemouth and Unite Union?

Is it me or do the unions think they run some of our largest businesses here in the UK? Why do the unions think they should be in charge and dictate business strategy? Let me set my stall out now. I've never been a union member, perhaps I have believed that frank, open discussion and […]

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October 22, 2013
What if your marketing campaign is just too successful?

You are ready to push the button on your marketing campaign but what if it is just too successful? What will you do when you are flooded with orders?

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