Business Event – Mixing Up Your Marketing Methods

October 23rd, 2015

Whether you’re an established business or an enthusiastic entrepreneur, staying one step ahead of the competition is key. In this rapidly evolving sphere, traditional marketing techniques are being overtaken by innovative approaches to brand promotion – and mixing up your marketing methods will keep your brand fresh.

So if you’re looking for ways to shake up your communications channels and propel your brand to prominence, we’re putting experiential marketing under the microscope to find out how both exhibitors and attendees can ensure they make the most of their next event.

Shake up your marketing strategy

As more and more businesses wave goodbye to traditional marketing methods, the search is on for fresh and innovative channels through which businesses can promote their brands. Regardless of your industry, an over-reliance on conventional promotional techniques, such as traditional advertising, can be detrimental to a business. With competition coming from all corners of their industry, businesses are turning towards event marketing in an effort to boost their branding and make themselves heard.

This proactive, hands-on approach provides a unique platform from which exhibitors and attendees can network with people both in and outside of their sector. Unlike tired traditional marketing tactics, events bring like-minded businesses and consumers together – breaking down the brand-consumer divide in a way that no other marketing method can.

woman with megaphoneExhibitors: be seen and heard

While events offer a range of exciting opportunities, they’re also competitive – with any number of industry professionals exhibiting under one roof.

So how can you make your brand stand out from the crowd?

As an event exhibitor, achieving mass brand awareness can be a challenge – but from targeting a relevant audience to ensuring your brand commands attention, finding a way to break down the business-consumer barrier will help you on your way to success. A thorough knowledge of your business is essential to attracting maximum footfall to your stand, allowing you to engage face-to-face with attendees – so be bold with your branding.

As part of your pre-event planning, you’ll have honed in on targeting a specific demographic – and once attendees arrive at an event, let your branding do the talking. From your choice of banner stands to the positioning of your display units, potential consumers will be attracted to brands who stand out from the majority of exhibitors.

Attendees: expand your horizons

Whether you’re new to business events or you’re a regular attendee on the hunt for ways to overhaul your approach to networking, widening your net is the key to racking up as many valuable connections as possible.

So how can you maximise your reach?

As an attendee, you have the power to move beyond industry-specific events. In the search for new and exciting leads, opportunities can arise from almost anywhere – so keep an open mind. Making connections with professionals outside of your industry can offer any number of benefits – helping you expand your knowledge of business in its entirety.

Without the need to man an exhibition stand, attendees are free to circulate the room and strike up conversations with other exhibitors. From large, well-publicised industry expos to smaller and more niche events, don’t underestimate the potential of any platform as an opportunity for outreach.

Dates for your diarydiary

So if you’re a knowledge-thirsty attendee or an enthusiastic entrepreneur looking for your next slice of industry action, check out our calendar of upcoming events and exhibitions and add these essential dates to your diary!


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