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How to Ruin a Business Awards Night

Last updated December 4, 2012
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Killing Business Awards in One Easy Lesson

I recently attended a business awards dinner expecting to hear about lots of successful business's. I had been to the same business awards last year and really enjoyed an inspiring event so, I was definitely looking forward to it. Another chance to mix with positive successful business people, all competing to be best in class.

Last year, despite being in recession, it was a real celebration; upbeat, positive, fun and engaging. What I had assumed was that the organizers would facilitate the same engaging, inspiring and upbeat event. How wrong I, and almost everyone else who attended were. It was completely underwhelming, flat and apart from the great company on my table, well quite frankly boring.

So what went wrong?

1. The organizers didn't learn from last year's success and didn't strive to at least maintain the customer experience from last year.

2.  They cut the budget without managing attendees expectations. They had managed to attract sponsors for each category to cover costs; everyone attending had to pay but the rest of the event was obviously on a shoestring.

3. They didn't introduce or explain who or what the finalists did or what they had achieved. Businesses don't just throw these award entries together - they all work really hard on making a good submission.

4. They announced the finalists in the Business of the Year in the event program and of course to be in that award those companies had to have won another award. As it was only one award per company, it was clear they were going to win their subcategory. No wonder there was a lack of whooping from everyone when it was announced - we knew who had own!

5.  The graphics, video (oops - none!) and PowerPoint presentation were poorly-prepared. The presenter displaying little enthusiasm for his role.And no doubt still wondering why the evening was so flat!

6. At least they had a twitter feed – of sorts...

7. The accompanying brochure really promoted the sponsors well but there was nothing about the finalists - just their name and not even a web address!

Such a shame as I know one company that will save both time and money by not entering next year and 10 people who won't be going to the dinner!

If you are considering reducing the customer experience you give, then think again you might just lose your customers altogether.

Shirley Mansfield
Master Business Problem Solver

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