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Remember Me?

Last updated April 9, 2012
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Virtually all companies have a database of existing clients but the majority of companies just ignore them and with it they also ignore the potential for a massive increase in sales to these customers and the profits that go with that!

Consider this scenario.... a sales persons' making contact with an existing customer.....

"Hello. I was the company that sold you ‘X’ 2 years ago. I haven't kept in touch, I've been busy, but you are a valued customer (ha ha) and I need to sell you something now and so I thought you could sign here. Okay with you?"

Sadly, a familiar tale. My response is no. You haven't kept in touch; I've found someone else to use and no you don't value me except that now you need me.

So, here are some golden ‘R’ rules to keep you on track.

You've worked really hard to secure that first sale so follow it up, check they are happy with the purchase. Keep in touch with the customers remind them why it was such a good idea to them to buy your product. You need to decide the best method and the timescales are doing this for the type of business that you have.

 1. Reinforce in customer's minds that they made a great choice buying from you. Do this regularly.

 2. Depending on the repeat purchase timescale for your product keep them up to date. Think how Amazon operates when you buy a book:

  • Thanks for your order
  • Order dispatched
  • Customers who bought ‘X’ also bought ‘Y’ and ‘Z’
  • Deal of the day
  • New releases out soon so why not pre-order, etc.

3. Renewals. If it's a commercial insurance policy don't wait until the annual renewal date, e-mail or call every couple of months. Give the client some added value information. For example, ‘winter is coming so don't forget to top up the antifreeze in all of your vehicles’. ‘Metal theft is growing - remember to lock up cables, metal, etc’. It will make it so much easier for you to close the next renewal because if you don’t talk to your client someone else will!

 4. Remind them that you are still here and what you offer. Tell them if you have something new.  Little bits of regular information are better than a half yearly newsletter. Regular touches (contacts) keep you front of mind with the client. Make sure that you add value each time you contact them and include a call to action as well.

 5. Because you keep in touch with clients they will remember you and will be happy to recommend you to friends, family and colleagues. You know what happens at the pub. Someone mentions that they are looking for a new sofa and someone replies ‘try ABC Ltd, I bought mine there. Price is good and the service was excellent.’

6. Re-tweet. You should be following your customers on Twitter. Give them an endorsement and re-tweet. If you're tweeting they may do that for you too.

7. Refresh your contact lists regularly, making sure that you capture any changes to their contact details.  This is especially important when your main contact leaves a client company, to move to another. Suffice to say you need several contacts at each client company. Lots of business is lost when your contact leaves. If the existing client is happy and they know you then they will probably continue to buy from you – and you should gain a new client when your old contacts settles into their new role.

 8. Request. Always ask for the business. Always have a call to action; a simple call me, e-mail me click this link to my website is a good starting point.

So, if you want customers to remember you, you have to put in the effort. The result: lots more recommendations and repeat sales, and higher profits for your business.

What is your favorite tactic to make sure that clients Remember You?

Shirley Mansfield
Master Business Problem Solver

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