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  • Line Up with One Very Tall Man

    7 Signs You Are a Grown-Up Business

    January 27th, 2015

    First things first what is a Grown-Up business? It’s a business that makes more money than its competitors. It consistently delivers a consistent customer experience so customers buy more and […]

  • Work The System Book Cover

    How Sam Carpenter Wrote the Foreword to My Book

    January 19th, 2015

    Books are inspirational, influential and sometimes life changing. As a child I loved books; as a commuter I remained an avid reader. Boy did I wish that e-readers were around […]

  • Man Fishing from A Boat

    Is Your Business Running You?

    January 8th, 2015

    Business owners I salute you. If you run a trading business, then I congratulate you. You are one of 4 million others who put yourself on the line to make […]