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  • A Turkey

    Will You Hit Your Year End Sales Targets?

    October 16th, 2012

    How to Get a Fast Finish & Flying Start to Your Sales. It is only 10 weeks until Christmas and 11 weeks to 31 Dec, so time is running out […]

  • Heart - made of green leaves

    How Well Do You Know Your Business Competitors?

    October 9th, 2012

    I mean those business competitors who you bump up against every day… Well, knowing who they are is a good start! In this blog we will concentrate on those business […]

  • CoachSME Manifesto

    My Business Coaching Manifesto

    October 4th, 2012

    What is a brand manifesto? We are all encouraged to define our mission, vision and values into 3 separate statements. But for me that brings its first problem – there […]

  • Scuba Diver

    The Problem with Selling on Price Alone

    September 18th, 2012

    Many people will tell you that selling on price gets the deal done, and quickly. It buys you market share, but…. nothing else. In tough times it is always a […]

  • Gambling Wheel

    What is Your Appetite for Risk?

    September 11th, 2012

    Everyone of us has a different appetite for risk. Different people and organisations approach risk analysis in many different ways, but risk taking is nearly always about our own appetite […]

  • Smashed Windows

    How to Ruin a Great Recruitment

    September 4th, 2012

    You’ve spent  a lot of time and money on your recruitment and finding that perfect new team member – you believe they will be a great addition to your team […]

  • Empty Exhibition Centre

    Making the Most of Business Exhibitions

    August 24th, 2012

    To Exhibit or Not? It must be that time of year when exhibition sales companies gear up for the Autumn sales push because many of my clients are now wrestling […]

  • Net Full of Fish

    How to Use Your Network

    August 21st, 2012

    Now, What’s it to be…. Your Network or Networking Events? Over the years networking events have gone up and down the business popularity ladder several times. There are many exponents […]

  • Flock of birds flying overhead

    Focus on Profitability

    August 15th, 2012

    It’s tough out there for many businesses, but many businesses are also flying high – sales up – profit up – market share up. Working with, and coaching, high growth […]

  • Pink Roses

    Stop and Smell the Roses

    August 10th, 2012

    The sun is shining, first day of spring and whilst sowing my vegetable seeds I was reminded how similar it is to being a coach. In its simplest form, you […]